JKFS Investment Solutions

It is our aim to make the whole process straightforward and remove any stress or anxiety. When providing investment advice we follow the following four stages.

First Stage

The first stage of the process is to establish your individual attitude to risk (ATR). At JKFS, we have for a number of years, used a bespoke solution created by a market leading assessment firm. We ask all our clients to complete a short assessment questionnaire which assists with ascertaining our clients risk profile. The questionnaire only plays a small part in the assessment, as at JKFS, we believe it is important to listen to our clients and sometimes hear what they don’t say.

Second Stage

Once we have ascertained our clients risk profile, we then enter the second stage. The results of the risk analysis will highlight the types of investments and equity exposure that matches our client’s risk profile. 

We have a range of Portfolio Manager Funds which suit all risk profiles.

  • Cautious 
  • Moderately Cautious 
  • Moderate
  • Moderately Adventurous 
  • Adventurous

Detailed research and due diligence is carried out on all funds and fund managers before we make any recommendations.

Third Stage

The third stage will be the recommendation of the investment vehicle, this may be a platform, Individual Savings Account or Self Invested Personal Pension.  We would also consider direct investment or investment via a life investment bond. All the options would be considered and the most suitable method would be selected based on your current circumstances and your requirements for the future.

Fourth Stage

Once arrangements have been put in place we then enter the fourth stage. A very important part of our service is to ensure you are kept fully up to date on all your investments and pensions. We will provide regular reports detailing your investment’s progress.


The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than the amount invested.